PowerScale SmartLock
This procedure is to create a SmartLock folder/domain.
Put files in it, set those files for a specific retention date.
Then turn on auto-commit and apply default retention to anything that is added.

1. SmartLock can only be applied to empty folders via GUI/cli.
     a. You can apply via isi job jobs start DomainMark --root<path> --dm-type Worm wait for the job to finish
2. SmartLock cannot be undone on a folder.
3. aTime does not need to be enabled on the cluster
4. Create empty folder
5. Create SmartLock Domain for the folder with NO SETTINGS
6. Create the SMB Share
7. Copy files to it
8. From PowerScale SSH
          a. To create the retention expiration date for each file:
                    i.      touch -at  YYMMDDhhmm filename
          b. To commit/enforce WORM and retention on this file:
                    i.      chflags dos-readonly filename
                            (if you don’t do this, the file can still be modified and deleted regardless of the WORM DOMAIN Settings)
                    ii.      You can verify the WORM State: COMMITTED and EXPIRATION Date with
                             isi worm files view /ifs/data/WORM_FOLDER/filename
                    iii.      Once COMMITTED, you cannot reduce the retention date, but you can extend it.
9. PowerScale MUI
          a. Data protection / WORM / edit Domain
                    i.      Privaledge Delete:ON
                   ii.      Apply Default retention span: Specific : X  days/weeks/months/years
                  iii.      Automatically commit files after a specific time: 3 minutes
                           If you do not auto commit, you would have to apply the RO flag manually to enforce WORM and Retention

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