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T E M Solutions is a single person entity, ME! Thomas E Massano.


It started out as a hobby of helping people getting started with web pages for personal or business ventures. It has now grown, and I find myself helping friends of friends and getting referrals. So I created this web site to answer questions and perhaps get people started.

I typically get contacted when one of two things happen:

  1. A brand new web site needs to be created.
  2. A customer has an existing web site and is fed up with their webmaster or hosting company.

Take a look at the FAQ if you are interested in starting a web site.

Domain Names and Hosting

A domain name (abc.com) is required, think of a good one and make sure its not taken! This site is one I use for inexpensive domain names.https://www.domainspricedright.com/

Hosting is the central depository of where your web pages live. I can help there, I use http://www.hostnexus.com/

Web page Content

My area of Specialty is Data Driven Pages. I am not an artist, I am a techie. If your web site collects or displays data, I am your man. If you want big graphics and flashy pages, you need to keep looking for a different webmaster. Take a look at my "SAMPLES" pages to get a better idea of what I'm talking about when I say data driven pages.

The Big Bus Theory

My Big Bus Theory is really "What if??" What if your webmaster gets hit by a Big Bus? What if he hits the lottery? What if he becomes unresponsive to your requests? What do you do? How do you get control of your domain name and web site?

As I stated earlier, one of the ways I inherit web sites is because the owner is dissatisfied with their webmaster or web site hosting service. Often when we (webmasters) are helping beginners get started with a Domain Name or Web site, we may do things in our name to simplify the process. But it then becomes very difficult to part ways with your webmaster with YOUR Domain Name registered to them! Or to get Login IDs or Passwords AFTER the relationship has soured.

So as a businessman I try to plan for all contingencies. That's why I suggest using my hosting and domain name services. I resell Wild West Domains (WWD) services, they are THE largest provider in the WORLD, they have 22% market share. And by using my storefront to create your domain name, and or hosting service in YOUR name, then you give me access to it. The point is, if for any reason you want to part ways with me, you simply remove my access, you then still have full access to all of your stuff. You can keep your hosting with WWD and hire another webmaster.

I also give you a document with all of your account information, both with me and WWD, with logins and passwords and help desk numbers. Again, so if something happens YOU ARE IN CONTROL, not the webmaster.

Hope this was all helpful!


Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me!


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